I, Tilly

Hello, everyone, I’m Tilly!


I came to live with Quentin and Rose just a week ago, and they haven’t had any time for blog posts since!


I was allowed to go out in the big wide world for the first time yesterday, and it’s a very strange place – all white and cold! But I can bite lots of it, so that’s good.

It looks as if there’s a very big world out there to explore!


But exploring too much of it is very exhausting so I need to have a snooze afterwards.


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I’m glad to see this post, as I always enjoy other people’s dogs vicariously through pictures online! But I’m a bit disappointed in you, Quentin; surely technology today is sufficient to enable Tilly’s viewpoint to be presented directly, rather than mediated through you? Where is the automatically captured GPS track of “where I walked this morning”, the RFID data about what chew toys were played with when on a given day, and of course, the collar camera taking regular pictures?

I say: more dog blog posts (I foresee a new category appearing on this blog!), but let’s have Tilly speaking for herself 😉

Actually, it would be rather fun to attach one of my GPS logging devices to her collar. But they’re quite bulky devices – I think it may need to wait until she’s rather older!

At present, a huge amount of effort is being expended simply in ensuring that she does the things she ought to do in the places where she ought to do them. But once we’re past that stage…

Fantastic! I suppose even Tom Igoe’s networked cat bed would be a risky proposition with a chewy puppy!

I hope you’ve both watched and digested every episode of The Dog Whisperer (alias Cesar Milan)?

great excuse to go out on lots and lots of lovely walks 🙂

maybe a statusT domain is barked for?

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