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Stiffkey Saltmarshes

Stiffkey Saltmarshes, Norfolk

Cornering at speed



Lady of the Rings

May I?

I’m not quite sure if I’m allowed to have this. But we could have a fun chasing game if you wanted to take it away from me….

Her Master’s Voice

Her Master's Voice

Message in a bottle?

Why are you working at that computer?…

…when you could be taking me for a walk?


Going, going, gone…

I, Tilly

Hello, everyone, I’m Tilly!


I came to live with Quentin and Rose just a week ago, and they haven’t had any time for blog posts since!


I was allowed to go out in the big wide world for the first time yesterday, and it’s a very strange place – all white and cold! But I can bite lots of it, so that’s good.

It looks as if there’s a very big world out there to explore!


But exploring too much of it is very exhausting so I need to have a snooze afterwards.


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