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Coffee Table Computing

Coffee Table computing

Apple has created a new kind of device – the coffee-table computer. This is not to say that it isn’t an incredibly valuable tool for day-to-day life, but some of the early apps which are appearing for the iPad are simply capitalising on the fact that it is just a beautiful medium for displaying content, in its full-screen, uncluttered simplicity.

The Elements is a perfect example (and yes, it does include Tom Lehrer’s song), as is the Guardian Eyewitness app which is a glorious showcase of the paper’s photographers’ work. They’re both examples of things that would previously have been attempted using large-format hardback books (which wouldn’t have included music and video).

I have no doubt that there will be many more to comeā€¦

Ihad a little iPad…

This post is here to tell you little more than:

  • I’m in Seattle
  • I have an iPad
  • It’s lovely
  • I’m using it to write this post

Things that I’ve found particularly pleasing in the very brief time I’ve had it include the fact that the keyboard, in landscape mode, is very much better than I would have imagined: I’ve brought a Bluetooth keyboard over with me but I think I may not use it much. Rose’s books are available on the iBooks store. And the Kindle app is already iPad enabled.

Lots of fun but I’m jet lagged and need to go to bed. I’ll try not to take it with me…

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