I’m on a horse

The real interest of the Superbowl is not, for me, the sport, but the creativity that goes into the phenomenally expensive commercial breaks. The most famous example is Apple’s 1984 ad that introduced the Macintosh, but there have been many others.

This year’s most talked-about ad was from Old Spice, and I think it’s brilliant.

These days one immediately assumes that it’s all green-screen and CGI, but in fact there is almost no ‘trickery’. Isaiah Mustafa maintains this running commentary while bits of scenery move around him, and it’s a trolley, on which he sits part-way through, that transports him and deposits him on the horse. And he maintains this focus even though they eventually used something like the 57th take…

Leo Laporte interviewed the guys behind it, if you’d like to find out more….

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And look at the genius of the viral twitter “instant/live” response movies via youtube. (https://twitter.com/oldspice)
Tops of the extremely well made spot!

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