Canine calculations

My friend Jon Crowcroft told me recently that “On the Internet, everyone now knows you have a dog”. I took the point, and will try to moderate my doggy posts: Tilly has been with us for a year now, so I should be over that annoying new-parent enthusiasm.

It did strike me the other day, though, as we strolled across icy fields, that I walk her about two miles every morning and Rose does the same in the afternoon. Tilly, when she’s off the lead, runs at least a further three miles that we don’t.

This means that over 12 months Rose and I have each walked further than the length of the British Isles.

Tilly, on the other hand, has run a distance roughly equivalent to the width of the United States, which I feel is not a bad achievement before you reach 15 months old!

OK. Proud father signing off now…

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Perhaps you should fit her with a GPS and then upload them to a canine everytrail 🙂

Yes, I’ve been thinking of doing that… my GPS logger is a bit heavy to hang around her neck, but I might try attaching it to some kind of harness…

Maplin sell a small GPS tracker unit that might be suitable. I have an app on my Android phone that does a similar job, but I doubt that Tilly has a phone 🙂

Don’t listen to Jon – I like seeing nice photos of Tilly.

I’m with Aideen. Nothing at all wrong with dog posts! And I’m wondering about a pedometer.

If I fitted a pedometer to Tilly, would I have to divide the numbers by two?


I follow Robin McKinley (reasonably famous author 😉 on her blog and associated forum, where she posts something every day. A large proportion of her output is about her “hellhounds” (whippets—I don’t know exactly why she calls them that, but she is herself referred to as “hellgoddess” so I suspect something literary at work!) and frankly it’s a joy to see them hurtling around.

Don’t stop keeping us informed, and don’t listen to dogmudgeon types who grump about animals either 😀

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