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A bit belated. This one came originally from (or via) Stephen Fry in December:

Darth Vader: I know what you are getting for Christmas, Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker: You can’t possibly know.
Vader: I know what you are getting for Christmas, Luke.
Luke: You cannot know. How can you know?
Vader: For I have felt your presents…

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Belated? My son told me that one, with rather a good impression of Darth Vader thrown in, in 2004. Stephen Fry, bless him, is rather behind.

As an American, I feel that it is important that the British maintain high standards for English. I am still upset that facebook is misusing “via,” and hope that the above reference is some humor that is too dry for me to catch (via refers to where the path went, so the joke is from Stephen, to me, via Quentin).

    Hi David –

    Ah, but the point I was making was my uncertainty over whether Mr Fry was the original author of the joke. If not, it would have reached me via him.

    I often use ‘via’ in tweets because I wish to credit the person from whom I received the information, even though 140 characters is insufficient to describe its full provenance 🙂


I am the originator of the joke, i made it up many years ago around 1990 at a party with friends, i did send it to sthephen on twitter and shared it on facebook etc.

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