New toy

I’ve been having fun with my new Panasonic GH2. A very nice toy.

All this and it shoots 1080p too 🙂


Glad to hear that you’re getting on well with it, Quentin. Did you get the 20mm pancake lens, too?

Thanks Tom, yes, John N had one, which I borrowed, and I ordered one about 24hrs later!

I don’t think the camera’s menu system is great, and I’m still getting used to the viewfinder not being a real one… But I love pretty much everything else about it!


If you find out how to switch off the thing that shows the image you’ve just shot for half a second in the viewfinder, do please email me – it can be useful to judge exposure but it irritates me that it interrupts burst shooting and I can work out how to get rid of it.

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