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The heartache and thousand natural shocks that startups are heir to

The Camvine office is now, to all extents and purposes, finally closed. A quick summary is that we had a great team who worked very hard, a great product, customers who really liked what we did and placed repeat orders frequently, but we just never found a way to get enough of them through the front door each month to keep the company going. The fact that I started the company just at the beginning of a recession didn’t help, either!

An emotional time for us all, and the fact that I’ve been out of the company for six months or so now doesn’t lessen that fact. It hasn’t been appropriate for me to write about it before, because of the various deals and legalities going on, and I’m not going to do so yet either, except to say that deals have been struck which mean that the CODA system will live on, in some form, and involving some of the original people, at other companies.

Garry, the backbone of the technical team for several years, has written a blog post about the trials, tribulations, and technical challenges of his life at Camvine.




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