Broken promises

I am not in any sense a political animal, so I approach the subject with due humility, but as a mostly-detached observer with no party loyalties I’ve enjoyed watching the tactics in the run-up to some sort of local election which appears to be happening in the next few days.

The Labour candidate’s leaflet is emphasising the number of ‘broken election promises’ from the Lib. Dems. If memory serves, they formed a coalition with a very different party and had few, if any, election pledges in common with them. And they had about one-third of the number of votes of the Tories. So, on a rather simplistic but purely statistical basis, we should expect them to have to break their election promises about three-quarters of the time, shouldn’t we, to be democratically fair?

As Churchill said, democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other ones which have been tried!

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