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Future-proofing my blog

Well, IPv6 has now been officially launched on the world, and this is a quick note to let you networking geeks know that Status-Q is now IPv6-enabled. You may be connecting that way already, and in theory you shouldn’t be able to tell, because www.statusq.org has both an IPv4 and IPv6 address and your browser will use whichever one it prefers. I’m going to write a bit more about IPv6 soon.

But if you want to check whether you have IPv6 connectivity to here, you can try going to

which is an IPv6-only address.

It probably won’t work yet for most of you. UK ISPs are being a bit slow on the uptake and, to be fair, with some reason: it’s a big change. So if you want to get IPv6 connectivity at home you may need to jump through quite a few technical hoops (and I’ll write soon about how I did it). But they’ll have to support it eventually, and most modern operating systems handle IPv6 out-of-the-box and have done for some time, so once the connectivity is there, everything just works.

A very handy site, if you’re playing with this is

which will tell you what your connection and browser can do.

More on this topic soon.

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