New Ndiyo blog

I’ve started a new blog for more informal news about what’s going on at Ndiyo.

Please take a look at it and subscribe to the RSS feed if you’d like to keep in touch!

Status-Q will, of course, continue as normal…

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A great idea – I doubt there are many enterprises that couldn’t be improved with a blog. WordPress too – excellent! I’ve subscribed.

One thing though – these damn CAPTCHA images! I know comment spam is a pain but the Akismet plug-in lessens it dramatically – and these broken letter image tests are pretty bad accessibility wise! Not only that, but I think the one on the Ndiyo blog is broken – I couldn’t get it to accept my comments.


Hi Dave –

OK – I’ve taken them out for the moment; you were right; it wasn’t working.
But I got really swamped by comment spam here and if Akismet doesn’t sort it out on the Ndiyo blog I’ll need to go back to the captcha system, which, for all its failings, works really well!


Akismet works very well indeed – you shouldn’t have any problems having installed it.

Have posted a couple of things to Living Without Microsoft, BTW. 🙂


Whoops, ballsed up that last URL. It should of course link to Sorry!

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