Boot Camp

Wow! This is really interesting! Especially since I’ve just got a new Intel-based MacBook.

My trouble is that I don’t have enough disk space even for everything I want on Mac OS, let alone for another OS as well. It’s the single biggest problem with having a laptop, I find…

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What do you do on your laptop? Edit video? Or what are your favourite ways to waste 0.1 terabytes? 🙂

Well, I have nearly 20G of music/podcasts and about 12G of photos – movies are only a few gigabytes because I do use an external firewire drive for any video editing. I wish I didn’t have to! Mail is a couple of gigabytes. Documents add a few more.

Another thing that takes a lot of space are the various cool bits that come with Apple’s iLife suite – software instruments and rhythms for Garageband, for example, and themes for iDVD.

With regular maintenance, I manage to keep about 9G free on my 100G drive…

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