Network-boot a Parallels Workstation client

Warning: Geeky stuff ahead!

The Parallels Workstation virtual machine software for the Intel Macs has a BIOS which doesn’t support network booting.

I wanted to simulate an LTSP workstation, which would boot over the network from our Linux server. Here’s how I did it:

On the ThinStation project site, I found a link to a Universal Network Boot package – a zip file containing disk images for floppy, CD and HD.

From this I grabbed the ISO CD-ROM image eb-net.iso and set up my virtual machine to use this as the CD instead of the physical CD drive. I also configured it to boot from CD first, and, for my purposes, I removed the hard disk from the config as well.

Sure enough, it boots up just fine and I have an LTSP terminal in a window. Much easier for experimentation than rebooting my embedded device all the time.

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Hi Quentin, i was looking for a good way to do my own tests on LTSP. Thank you for this guide.

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