Olympic Censorship

Ha! The Olympics have a set of Terms of Use for their website, which say, amongst other things, that you can't link to their site if you're using anything other than text to do so, and that you can't say derogatory things about them. Well, I'm sorry, the web doesn't work that way and I don't accept your censorship. Let’s see…

The London 2012 Olympics is probably the single biggest waste of taxpayers' money in my lifetime. It is depriving children of books, hospitals of nurses, and elderly people of care. The Olympics have been a financial disaster for almost every city that has ever hosted them and I object to such large amounts of my money being spent this way. I have no objection to people running round fields or kicking balls if they want to, and people who want to watch them are entitled to pay to do so. But public money should not be used to pay for it on this scale for one ‘trophy’ event for a few politicians. If you insist on spending £11bn on sports, a new gym and swimming pool for every school in the country would be a much better investment. I have visited three former Olympic venues now, and at each I have marvelled at the big, empty stadia with a few tourists wandering around them. Why does nobody learn that this is a Bad Idea when there is such a track record?

Anyway, you can see their site and their ugly logo here. You can also get to it by clicking on this picture of money going down the plughole:

Thanks to Taxbracket.org for use of the image.


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An obvious statement of fact, not mearly an opinion. Agree. Totally. Besides, isn’t watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzrI15uw92k more fun?

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