Patent idea of the day…

This is probably a very obvious thought to those who wear glasses more frequently than I do…

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get rotationally-polarised contact lenses? Then contact-lens wearers could just walk into 3D movies and not have to wear low-quality plastic glasses like the rest of us. It would probably be a much better experience.

I remember my mother telling me about visiting an African orphanage for young blind children, a long time ago. The children asked her to go into the dormitory and read them a bedtime story. When she got there, however, it was pitch black. The children didn’t need any lights to get ready for bed, but there was no way she could read them anything. So, instead, they pulled out their braille books and read her stories, a role-reversal which delighted everybody.

Well, maybe those of you who have had to put up with various eyesight-enhancement technologies and found them to be a nuisance in the past will soon have an advantage over those of us who can’t get retina-projected Google maps so easily…

Thanks to Richard Watts for prompting the idea…

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