The Dyson Shower?

Well, I’m back home from Michigan, enjoying the more moderate temperatures of the UK, and some real marmalade, after a two-week absence from both.

I’m also back in the world of hard water, and was pondering this as I squeegeed our shower cubicle this morning, as I do every day, to reduce limescale build-up. I’m sure that that clever inventor Mr Dyson could come up with something to save me having to go through this rigmarole. Perhaps some kind of induced vortex which would pull all the water drops back towards the plughole so that they wouldn’t hit the walls of the cubicle — or perhaps even render those walls unnecessary.

Alternatively, maybe something like the Airblade technology could blast the water droplets off the walls before they had a chance to evaporate? And then also dry me as I stepped out of the door?

Over to you, Sir James…


I am not sure Dyson have worked out how to make good products combining a mix of water and air. For example, there are the very weird Dyson tap/dryers (eg in the Fitzwilliam Museum) which wash and dry your hands, plus they let you check whether your hairstyle will withstand hurricane force winds. Sadly they do the latter with destructive testing…

Laura – 🙂

Ian – hee hee… sing along….

Supercalihydrophobic cubicle enclosure,
even though the sound of it could lose you your composure,
if you set it high enough you may die of exposure,
Supercalihydrophobic cubicle enclosure!

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