Ansible – the absolute basic overview

Ansible is a system for setting up, managing and configuring machines – one at a time, or in vast numbers simultaneously. We’re using it more and more at Telemarq.

There are several tutorials out there that go into some detail about how to use it. This isn’t one of those (though it’ll teach you the basics). This is just intended to give you an idea of what’s going on if you find yourself sitting in front of a directory full of Ansible files, looking at unfamiliar file formats.

Also available on YouTube.

I had these slides in a directory from when I was bringing some friends up to speed in the past, so I added a soundtrack in case they were useful to others.

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Glad you like Ansible! I started using it at the University Computing Service in 2013 and since then many of the operations teams have adopted it. It has warts but I am still pretty happy with it 🙂

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