Daylight savings

My mother, in her younger days, used to be a midwife. She once delivered a pair of twins, just as the clocks were going back.

The younger one ended up with a birth certificate stating that he was born before the older one…


…which is strange, as British birth certificates don’t carry time of birth!

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Ah, maybe it was the hospital record, then.

It’s also possible she wasn’t in this country at the time – she worked in Africa a lot…

Daylight savings time, according to the excellent, is 100 years old this year. High time we put it to rest, I think.

Summer time starts today in North America, and in a fortnight’s time in most other places foolish enough to keep using it.

I discovered today that a British birth certificate does give a time of birth if the child is a twin, presumably in order to establish who is older.

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