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Fall from Olympus

I’ve written elsewhere about the cost of the Olympics, so was struck by this poignant sequence of photos of former Olympic buildings, and this one found via Jessica Bloom’s article here.

Sarajevo ski jump

A Sarajevo ski jump

Admittedly, these images are mostly from places that have been through difficult times recently. I’ve visited various Olympic stadia over the years — Munich, Montreal, one or two others — and have been struck by their complete emptiness and eery silence, but I don’t think were in the state of disrepair that seems to beset Athens. It’s ironic, really; the Greeks used to be quite good at this kind of thing!


An Athens swimming pool

I still haven’t seen any of the London Olympic facilities (not even on television) because I was a bit busy when the games were on, but perhaps I should go and take a look before they end up like this. On the other hand, they’ll probably make more interesting photos in a few years’ time 🙂

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