The Millennial Question

I assure you, this is well-worth 15 minutes of your time. Simon Sinek talking on Inside Quest about what makes the ‘Millennials’ tick and why, and the challenges they can face as they enter the workplace.

There are a few over-generalisations here, but in general it’s good stuff, intelligently and amusingly presented, and most of it certainly doesn’t only apply to those in their twenties!

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Some valid points but also some sensationalist BS to help him drive his book sales.

It’s amazing how this video is touted as awesome by older folk, i.e. Non-millenials. I’ve yet to read a millenials response to it, but as someone on the borderline I’ll say some points are valid but a lot are not.

Millenials get frustrated being in organisations working with people that struggle to use MS office properly, and those are the same people that then tell you your progression to the next level will take you 6 years. You know what? Every company I worked at I did it in half the time. Why? Because I’m of a generation that can leverage the technology to learn at a far faster pace. That’s why millenials feel like they are not making an impact, because they know they could do more if they were only ‘allowed’ too. They are not expecting to solve world hunger!

I do agree about his points on social media. In fact my email course that you can sign up for on my website walks you through removing the noise from your life. It’s not a social media or millenial issue though, it affects us all. The world is more connected than ever before with more information flowing before your eyes.

I could go on and on about this video, and maybe I should write a blog response to it!

I thought this was a fascinating and quite relevant talk. With regard to the comment above I would like to point out the following. I work in a position that requires certain knowledge of freight trains. Locomotive classes, wagon classes, running schedules, ruling grades etc. There is a lot more to it and it cannot be learnt quickly. Most of the work is done in Microsoft Excel. I find it typical of a Millenial that because they have a knowledge of Microsoft Office that they should be “allowed” to do more even though they do not yet have the experience and knowledge necessary to do so. People need to learn about their job and cannot expect to be given a free promotion based on their knowledge of a software program.

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