Entering decade three

Status-Q is 20 years old today. (I had a bit of an experimental blog before that, but it didn’t survive.) I see that I’ve averaged about one post every two days during that period, which is probably a reasonable imposition on the world.

10 years ago, I was writing about the realisation that I might need to start wearing glasses for some things. Ah. Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young…

Still, it was pretty blissful to be alive today, with glorious sunshine for the first time in what seems like years. My day has revolved around pipes and plumbing: I washed the car (which was needed); repaired a leaking pipe with a new compression joint (which was pleasing); and then found I needed to unblock an outside drain (which wasn’t). But I think the plumbing owes me something in return, so I shall now retire for a thoroughly decadent bath, and read about the Roman goddess Cloacina.

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I’m only recently discovering Status-Q (via John Naughton I think) but its great to hear there are blogs that are continuing out on the open web. I’ve had my own since around 2010 (blog.jamesmcanespy.co.uk), but my output has been a lot more sporadic than yours! Here’s to another twenty!

this caused me to see how far back the wayback engine could find my web page –

I think it was probably 1993 when we first ran the CERN httpd at UCL CS, and had the usual default ~/public_html/index.html file setup –
But wayback only goes back so far –
here’s a link for 2000 (sigh, 7 years out of 28 missing) https://web.archive.org/web/20000817041348/http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/jon/
Nice to see evidence i was already working on AI then 🙂
To this day, i still use vi to edit that file in raw html….

Plumbing of a different kind…

time to go back to the gardening

Your post caused me to go and do the same; yes, I don’t think the Waybayback machine goes further than about 1996.

Here I am in 1997:


I’d forgotten how popular textured backgrounds to web pages were at one point!…

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