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Seal of (dis)approval?

We were on Scratby Beach in Norfolk today, soon after high tide.

It slopes away fairly steeply there, with the result that small waves were only breaking quite close to the shore. Apparently there’s some quite good surfing here at times, though.

To our surprise and delight, during the course of our short walk, three or four large seals swam in close enough to have a good look at what we were doing. I’m not sure they approved…

Seal at Scratby Beach

Rodent Identification

‘Marmotte’ est mon nom,
Here in France (where I’m from)
Though you foreigners may spell it ‘marmot’

But we aren’t very taken
With those who mistaken-
ly call us groundhogs (which we are not)

Well, you find a better rhyme, then!

© Copyright Quentin Stafford-Fraser