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At the Drop Redoubt fortifications on Dover Western Heights


I wonder if this came about as a result of courtship or combat? Rather a wonderful video, anyway.

Don’t fence me in…

Two days ago I enjoyed elk quesadillas
Yesterday I had a bison burger
Today we fished the Yellowstone River under the watchful eye of a bald eagle.
Feeling very Western.

Oh give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above…


The Owl and the…Puppy Dog

It wasn’t always clear who was chasing whom!

More owl pictures here and here.

An economical use of legs

Spotted at Kensington Metropark, Michigan.

It reminds me of a very old joke.

Q. Why does a stork stand on one leg?

A. Because if it took both of them off the ground it would fall over.

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