Modern Art?

Here’s my artistic creation for today, inspired by the work of George Eliot:

FCP art

Actually, I created this rather by accident. I have been experimenting with the FXscript capabilities of Final Cut Pro. For those not familiar with these, FCP is a professional video-editing package which is widely used in the industry. It has a whole variety of effects filters to do things like changing the colour balance of your movie, adding lens flare effects and so forth. FXscript is a programming language in which you can write your own effects.

As part of my experiments I had created a filter which averages several past frames and then subtracts the result from the current frame. I then fed it some footage from the BBC’s production of Middlemarch. Casaubon is walking morosely into the distance:


and there’s a cut to Dr Lydgate, who is watching him depart:


And the result is what you see above.

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