Daily Archives:March 20th, 2002

Bluetooth cavity

Apple’s Bluetooth Cavity. [osOpinion] Apple led the world with USB support and is still well ahead of PCs when it comes to Firewire. It’s interesting that they haven’t yet jumped on the Bluetooth bandwagon.


VNC problems. There was an article on Slashdot recently about how the Windows XP licence prohibits the use of VNC. We knew that already; the Windows 98 licence basically prohibits it too.

Apple have released their own remote desktop system for OS X, at a price. But there are good versions of VNC for it too.


Wireless ‘HotZone’ network comes to downtown Palo Alto. Six blocks of the downtown area are now covered by WiFi.


This is the first post to my AT&T intranet weblog. I’ve created this as part of my experiments with the Radio Userland software.

Some things here (such as the earlier postings below) will be cross-postings which also appear on my main weblog at Status-Q. Others will be AT&T-only stuff. This page is on the intranet and so only accessible within the lab.

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