In my new company, we’re using blogs internally as a sort of lab notebook; it seems to be working quite well. I call it a ‘Klog’, short for ‘worklog’, though that word has been used by others for ‘Knowledge Log’, typically meaning the same sort of thing.

It’s catching on. From this Fortune article (which may now need a subscription):

Google’s public relations, quality control, and advertising departments all have blogs, some of them public. When Google redesigned its search home page, a staffer blogged notes from every brainstorm session. “With a company like Google that’s growing this fast, the verbal history can’t be passed along fast enough,” says Marissa Mayer, who oversees the search site and all of Google’s consumer web products. “Our legal department loves the blogs, because it basically is a written-down, backed-up, permanent time-stamped version of the scientist’s notebook. When you want to file a patent, you can now show in blogs where this idea happened.”

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