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T-mobile GPRS via Motorola V3 on Mac

It took me some time to work out how to connect to my T-Mobile (UK) GPRS network using my Mac and my Motorola V3 RAZR phone, so I’ve posted this in case somebody out there is Googling for similar things!

  1. Go to Ross Barkman’s splendid page and download the ‘Scripts for Motorola GPRS phones’. Unstuff it and copy the scripts into /Library/Modem Scripts
  2. Quit Internet Connect and System Preferences if they’re running. They need to restart to pick up the new modem scripts.
  3. Look at the Readme that comes with the scripts. In particular, if you’ve used GPRS phone connections before you may be expecting to put *99# as the phone number. These scripts expect you to put the APN instead, which in my case is general.t-mobile.uk
  4. You may need to configure the PPP connection, for example to turn off PPP Echo packets. This sort of control is not available through Internet Connect, so go to the Network section of System Preferences, select the Bluetooth section and click Configure. Here you can set the PPP options
  5. You can also choose the Bluetooth Modem type. I used Motorola GPRS CID 1.
  6. The account name for T-mobile in the UK is ‘user’ and the password is ‘pass’. Similar information for other networks is on Ross’s page.
  7. Configurations made through System Prefs seem to update a default ‘Main Number’ configuration in Internet Connect when you click ‘Apply’. The interaction between these two is not entirely clear – I should stick to making changes in the System Prefs.

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