Daily Archives:May 30th, 2005

A change in the Status-Q

I’ve been updating Statuq-Q to use WordPress 1.5 and making a few changes along the way.. a few more yet to come.

One is that I’m going to start using ‘categories’ on my posts so that people interested in
gadgets & toys or
Apple & Macs or
photos can see them in more concentrated form. (There are links on the right of the page, too). Other categories may follow.

With over 600 posts now, I may take some time to apply these retrospectively. But if I don’t start now, the job will only get harder in future.

SUV Segways

Mmm. The Segway XT looks fun.

Segway XT

See also the comments on my last segway post for another use for Segways.

France votes ‘non’!

Well, even if I weren’t heavily jetlagged, I can’t say I would lose any sleep at all over the likely demise of the EU constitution.

There’s a rather nice Q&A section in the Times:

…the French are very traditional, conservative, very prone to striking and revolution (the revolution is for when their conservatism runs out).

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