A change in the Status-Q

I’ve been updating Statuq-Q to use WordPress 1.5 and making a few changes along the way.. a few more yet to come.

One is that I’m going to start using ‘categories’ on my posts so that people interested in
gadgets & toys or
Apple & Macs or
photos can see them in more concentrated form. (There are links on the right of the page, too). Other categories may follow.

With over 600 posts now, I may take some time to apply these retrospectively. But if I don’t start now, the job will only get harder in future.

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Hi Quentin,

Just a note to say that in the new StatusQ viewed in IE 6.0 on my PC the top of your right hand sidebar starts level with the bottom of the left hand content pane!

Categories sound like a good idea though.


Thanks, Jim –

There are some bits of CSS layout that IE doesn’t get right, but I’d still like to make it work properly for you!
Does it work if you make the window wider?


Hi again,

Alas, no. The screen here is set to 1280 and with the browser fully open the RH sidebar is still opening at the bottom of the LH content pane. Status-Q doesn’t look right without its links!

Also, FWIW, there’s a lot of instances of ' showing up in IE6 in the old content too, like the entries for October 2001 for example.


Grrr! How I love Microsoft! Even IE 5 on the Mac gets the CSS right! (Though it, too, falls down on the ‘apos’ apostrophes.)

OK, thanks, Jim – I’ll see what I can do.

Long live Firefox!…

RH & LH pane layout is fixed!

Good stuff! I found out how to include some IE-specific CSS which meant I could put in fixes for some of the things IE couldn’t handle.

Thanks for your help!


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