This is just another plug for VoodooPad, one of the Mac apps that has a permanent place in my Dock.

I mentioned it a while ago as a general note-taking utility; I find I haven’t used it very much for that, but there is one situation where it works very well for me; taking notes in conferences. Creating lots of short pages, one for each talk, very easily, finding pictures of the speakers on the net or taking them on a camera as I go along and just dragging them onto the pages, typing in URLs that are mentioned and having them automatically become links. Having just enough text formatting for the task, and so forth – it’s great.

And best of all, it has a Spotlight adaptor which means that I can find any page in any of the documents using Spotlight. This size of page is a good granularity for search results, I find, and yet because I write notes for a whole conference in one file, I don’t need to create lots of little files and think of lots of filenames.

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