Daily Archives:November 9th, 2005


I’m experimenting with MacJournal, considering it as an alternative to my paper notebook (which I don’t seem to be able to search with Spotlight).

It’s quite cute, and if you can read this, it means that I’ve been able to get it to post an entry to Status-Q. The posting facilities are fairly basic compared to a dedicated blogging tool, but I quite like some of its other features.

The real problem with using an electronic log book in place of a paper one, for me, is that I think it’s very rude to be typing and looking at a screen while somebody else is talking. Maybe society will get over this in time (or I will). And it’s well-nigh impossible to record anything while talking on the phone unless you have a headset or good speakerphone.

Anyway, in situations where keyboards are appropriate, MacJournal looks good as an option. It does seem to have lots of happy customers.

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