Daily Archives:November 20th, 2005

WSIS, then?

John’s Observer column about the silly ICANN arguments and the Negroponte laptop, “which looked vaguely like an accessory from a Shrek movie”.

And Bill Thompson’s blog entry from Tunis:

Hosting WSIS has not made Tunisia more free or more open. In fact, the endorsement we have provided by being here may even help sustain the government of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

But in the long term, if every time we talk about Tunisia we remind people that it hosted a summit dedicated to free expression, and point out its failure to live up to its international obligation, then it may help those who want to reform Tunisian politics.

Cars and covetousness

It’s not often these days that I really covet any particular car, but I’m afraid this is definitely an exception.

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