Daily Archives:March 24th, 2006

Light through trees

On the slopes of Table Mountain…

Light through trees

Tea time

I’m at the impressive Rhodes memorial with a spectacular view over Cape Town.

I’m also drinking Earl Grey, and reading John Buchan. Seems appropriate, somehow.

Holiday snaps

I was going to post a picture or two from a boat trip yesterday in Cape Town, but I emailed some snaps to John and he beat me to it.

I’ve taken to carrying a little IXUS 750 with me almost everywhere I go, and one of the things I’m appreciating more and more is its ability to record video clips. I’ve never been one of those people who likes to spend much of their holiday looking through a camcorder viewfinder. I have a very nice camcorder, but I normally only use it for making corporate demo videos; I don’t carry it around with me.

Occasionally, however, there are scenes which require something more than a still image, and it’s great to have something on my belt which can record them. Here are a couple of little Quicktime clips from yesterday:

(You might want to right-click and download them. They won’t stream very well unless you have quite a fast connection.)

How Apple Ate the World

A nice article in the Times by Bryan Appleyard about what makes Apple so interesting, as it approaches its 30th brithday.

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