Daily Archives:March 12th, 2006

Nature’s Jet Pack

Thought for the day from The Dilbert Blog:

If you lived on a planet with almost no gravity, would you be able to fly just by peeing?


Heavens, what a week!

Cambridge-London-Toronto-San Francisco-Seattle-London-Cambridge. Lots of interesting meetings with lots of interesting people, but it wasn’t helped by my catching a bug on the flight out, so that many of the meetings were conducted in a haze of jetlag, ‘flu, and ‘flu-combatting drugs, with me sitting as far from the other participants as reasonably possible.

I was kept alive by Hap & CD, who welcomed me into their Seattle home despite my ailments, and administered TLC at every turn. I told them I felt like an elderly Powerbook, whose battery wasn’t too good, and after it ran down to zero during the day I had to go back to them to get it charged up. By that time, though, my lid was pretty much shut! Don’t think I was a very inspiring guest, but I was a very grateful one.

Now I’m on the train back home from the airport, blogging to keep awake. I have a couple of days to unpack and repack before heading to Johannesburg on Wednesday where I’ll be installing a couple more Ndiyo systems…

Am reading the Scoble/Israel book, Naked Conversations: “How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers”, and wondering whether the Ndiyo news announcements should be more like a blog and less like a series of informal press releases….

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