Ndiyo and the 940UX

Michael and I got a couple of new toys for the Ndiyo office. We took them out of the box and plugged them in, ran some of our experimental software, and they just worked.

So we decided to point a camcorder at them and make a little movie

We’re biased, of course, but we think this is quite cool.

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Pretty impressive setup. Are the monitors more expensive than run of the mill flat screens?

A little bit, but not too much. We paid 169+VAT for each of these, I think, from morecomputers.co.uk.

Looks as if they may be out of stock now, though. Not many places have them yet.

That is way cool (not sure about the cheesy background musak ;-).

So all you need for a nice little office “network” is one reasonably groovy PC, a bunch of these Monitor-Keybord-Mouse combos, and a shed-load of Open Source software…

Those guys selling expensive systems must really hate you 😉

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