New Mac Project Management software

I’ve often looked at the various project-management offerings on the Mac, and never found quite what I wanted. I’ve wondered about trying to do my own system using Excel or, more likely, OmniOutliner.

So I’m pleased to see that there’s a new option available – OmniPlan – from the people who brought you the wonderful OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle. Looks very nice at first glance.


I’ve been using Merlin from Project Wizards for some months now, and I’ve found it very useful. Also eats and spits out Project files, which is useful when you have to work with Windows people…

Take a look at Vertabase Pro. (Disclaimer -I work for them.) Don’t know if it has what you are looking for but it is mac friendly, web based and people find it very easy to use.

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