Newnham has a Newname

DisplayLinkAs of about now, my old company, Newnham Research, has a new name. Welcome, DisplayLink!

Newnham is the part of Cambridge where the company started, but it’s one of those names which I only really intended to be temporary. That was three and a half years ago! Unfortunately, though, it proved somewhat non-intuitive for anybody outside the UK to pronounce or spell, so the change has been planned for some time.

DisplayLink is a much better name for what they’re doing now, and it sounds like an industry standard, which is what they’re going to become. I like it.

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My heartiest congratulations, it’s so exciting to see how well DisplayLink is doing.

Did get any juggling balls with the new logo?

(Ha ha – my capcha word is “link”)

No – I haven’t got any of the merchandise 🙁

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