End of an era

On Sunday I threw out the old Gateway 66Mhz Pentium machine on which I wrote my PhD thesis many years ago. It still worked, but the inability to boot from its CD drive was becoming a bit limiting! And its two hard disks had just under 2G of capacity between them.

Floppy disks

Today I threw out my floppy disks, realising that I no longer had any machine capable of reading them.

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By “threw out” I hope you mean you took it to Cambridge Computer Recycling ( http://www.cambridge-computer-recycling.co.uk/ ) – scary place to visit when they’re half way through a big job.

Why do storage companies love “HD”? High density. Hard disk. High definition.

Of course, if you’d dug deep enough, you would have been able to find IT-Green (http://www.it-green.co.uk). Big warehouse operation in the deepest darkest middle of the Fens.

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