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In just under three months, England will go smoke-free. No more smoking in public places. I, for one, can’t wait. But it raises a dashed sticky question…

In the past, many decent chaps were saved from dastardly bullets by having a cigarette case in their top pocket. If fewer of these chaps are in the habit of carrying such things, what is to become of England?

Fortunately, a new form of personal protection has arisen in the form of the iPod. Kevin Garrad (3rd Infantry Division) apparently had his life saved – or at least avoided a nasty injury – by carrying one of these newfangled devices.

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I should think that the body armour that the iPod was resting on had more to do with saving his life than the device itself which was clearly penetrated through-and-through by the round. However, an AK 7.62/39 round at close range would normally penetrate anything other than the ceramic plates (approx 6″x6″) placed in body armour to cover the central chest and back; so it could well have made sufficient difference in this case.

Still, made for an ineteresting story.

Jim Keenan

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