Xebra electric truck

I think this could be a fun – and environmentally sound – way to do our local shopping.
Xebra truck

You can even get it with a solar panel:

Xebra solar truck

They’re aiming for a price of around 5K. More info here.

Seen on Peter Armstrong’s blog.

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Nice vehicle.
I live in the U.S. and although we have wide open roads in the west, the east coast is relatively crowded. As far as I know there are no 3-wheel vehicles being produced. Trikes yes, but not enclosed vehicles. Harley Davidson does not even recommend towing with their motorcycles which leaves grocery shopping done with a 4-wheeled vehicle. Do I need a 4-door vehicle for hauling two bags of groceries that gets 30 MPG?
Most vehicle salesmen are programmed to only think inside the box and disregard any other vehicles. I sure wish I could convince our government to produce 3-wheel 80+ mpg vehicles, some of which look better than most of the vehicles Detroit produces (and the other car makers).

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