The Blackstone Key

Many readers will know, but many others will not because she’s been keeping it quiet for months, that my wife Rose’s first novel will be published next spring. Since it’s now listed on, though, the cat is probably out of the bag.

The Blackstone Key is a thriller/adventure set in the late eighteenth century. It’s the first of (at least) a trilogy to be published in the UK & Europe by Little, Brown under the Sphere name, and in the U.S. & Canada by Simon & Schuster (Touchstone). It’s also being translated into German by another publisher.

More news as things develop…


Won’t she rename it The Blackstone Qi?

Congratulations, Rose! Looking forward to reading it.

Thanks, C-F – only people inside Exbiblio will understand that!

I’m very interested in bringing this to the West End, but I will insist on Joel Eigen playing Robert. I saw his breakthrough performance in The Jew of Malta, and cannot imagine anyone esle capturing Robert’s inchoate semitic sensibility.

hugs to the author


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