SuperDuper Tuesday

Finally! SuperDuper, the single most valuable utility on my Mac, has been updated to be fully Leopard-compatible.

Apple’s TimeMachine is great, and I’ve had to do a full system restore from it in the past which was a somewhat slow but otherwise completely painless experience. Leopard still has many buglets to be ironed out, so it’s good that it has a superb backup system built-in as well!

But there are few things which can compare with having a complete, bootable copy of your system on a separate drive. When something goes badly wrong, you can be up and running again in minutes.

That’s what SuperDuper does, and does better than anything else. I will sleep more soundly henceforth.

Now my only problem is that my hard drive crashed again this afternoon, about 3 hrs before SuperDuper was released. Ah well…

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This has been a long time coming and I’ve been following the developer’s blog over the last couple of months with interest. It seems like they had quite a mountain of problems to overcome and it’s clearly vital that the software, by its very nature, is 100% stable.

AFAIK, the only big ‘mainstream’ app now left with slight Leopard compatibility problems is Acrobat 8. Adobe were supposed to release an update last month, but it still hasn’t arrived.

However, with the SuperDuper upgrade, I feel I can finally take the leap to Leopard… I just have to find a mid-project break to do it!

Hope you managed to recover from that hard drive crash…


Yes, thanks – I’m back up and running without too much hassle. The moral of the story is that you can never have too much disk space. I suspect my crash was a side effect of running my laptop drive about 98% full!

But having a few big drives around so that, before wiping a disk, you can find the odd hundred gigabytes or so into which to clone an image of it, is very important to one’s peace of mind!

I’m happy too that it’s out. I’ve felt unsafe with my laptop every since upgrading to Leopard. OK all my valuable data was backed up, but having a completely bootable DMG that you can easily transfer to your Macbook via Firewire is a real comfort.

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