Law in action

One of the useful bits of information in the manual for my new car:

Always be careful when closing a door. You could otherwise cause serious injuries to yourself or others. Make sure that no one is in the path of a door.

Good. I’m glad they put that in. It’s a big manual, though, and I haven’t got to the “Running with scissors” section yet, so I’m not handling any office implements for a while.


“Always be careful when closing a door”

You should also be careful when opening a door – again there could be someone, or something, in the path of the door, or about to intercept the path of the door with their bike. Perhaps you should ask them to add this before someone sues, especially in Cambridge.

I’m no car-warning-specialist, but I’d also reserve some caution for when driving the vehicle. Please make sure there is nobody in the path of the whole car, it could hurt even more than a door might.

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