Hurrah for Ireland!

Hee hee… The Irish have voted ‘No’ to the Lisbon treaty. Splendid stuff!

Now, the Eurocrats have a long tradition of bypassing the democratic process. In 2001, they asked the Irish people to vote again until they got the answer right. A bit like Mr Mugabe.

This time, they changed the name of a previously-rejected treaty, and most of Europe didn’t even get a chance to vote because the French and Dutch got the wrong answer under the old name and they might not quite be bamboozled into voting differently this time. So, no doubt, the suits in Brussels will now come up with another way to ignore the wishes of the people. Ah well…

Europolitics is like Eurovision. The votes are highly dubious, it gets sillier every year, and it too is likely to go into serious decline when Ireland stops winning.

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Something never seems to add up about all this. Aren’t Europe’s 27 political leaders precisely the 27 people who will lose out the most if any powers become centralized in Europe? Why are they so keen?

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