Build version numbering with Git

The ‘Git’ version-control system is used to develop the Linux kernel, amongst other things, and it’s the most powerful one I’ve used. (And I’m old enough to remember SCCS :-)) It takes some work to get your head around Git, but we’re now using it to develop our CODA system, and it’s been well worth it.

Michael came up with a nice way to number our build versions and has written it up on his blog – might be of interest if you’re using Git already.

If you aren’t, Randall Schwarz’s talk is a good intro.

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Nice link, thanks!
I’d suggest this post as well, it helped me a lot.


The link that you posted seem to be down 🙁 can you post the content if you have saved ?

Mmm, hsarvi – they all seem to work for me…


Never mind I found it thanks a lot.

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