Watery grave

After a slightly hectic journey by Eurostar and Metro from a decidedly grey London this morning, we staggered up a final set of stairs and emerged, blinking, into bright Paris sunlight. The first thing we saw, quite literally, was Notre Dame looking as spectacular as ever. I leaned over the wall to take a photo, and my camera slipped out of my hand and bounced merrily down into the Seine.

Fortunately, it was only my backup camera – my little Ixus 750. I was rather fond of it – it has literally travelled everywhere with me for three years – but I was starting to think that it might need replacing before too long. It definitely needs replacing now!

Later, I took this photo quite close to its final resting place.

The Seine

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an episod to remember on the Chrismas Eve—–all things have their begining and end—–only memories remain—–

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