Daily Archives:February 4th, 2009

Ambient social networking

Most of you will know by now that my company, Camvine, makes a particularly cunning lightweight digital signage system – that’s ‘screens on walls’ – which we call CODA.

One of the fun things about CODA is that it’s entirely web-based, and can link to other internet-based sources of data. This month, on the camvine Twitter feed, we’re going to be posting one example per day of fun and interesting things you can do with CODA.

The first one, appropriately, was a little PHP script that would allow you to display your Twitter feed on a CODA screen. This is an example, by the way, of what makes these social networks work for me. I don’t have to keep going back to their web pages or run lots of applications that get buried on my desktop. Amidst various newspaper front pages, weather forecasts, recent photos, my CODA screen also shows me my friends’ blogs, my Twitter and Facebook feeds, my diary and the company calendar… and I notice them when I walk past the screen to get a coffee, for example. it’s almost a way of picking up on the activities of your social world out of your peripheral vision.

I think this needs a name. I’m calling it ambient social networking.

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