vnc2dl2Warning – for geeks only…

I’ve just posted an alpha version of VNC2DL on github.

This is a VNC viewer which uses the new Open Source library from DisplayLink to display a VNC session on a USB-connected display, rather than in a window.

Just in case it’s useful to anyone…

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I have tried this viewer in Debian Squeeze, downloaded and compiled the code from the github repository, but I cannot see the output displayed on my displaylink device. I have installed the libdlo driver and ran tests on it and worked fine. I am using tightvnc server and able to view the output on ordinary VNC viewer. What am I missing?

Thanks for providing this detailed guide! It works perfectly on my netbook running 11.04. However it does not work in 12.04; I can’t seem to compile vnc2dl. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

My colleagues and I use this setup in our daily classroom teaching but we are no good at fixing drivers… Your sage advice is most appreciative, by my colleagues and our students 🙂

Hi guys –

I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to look into this for so long, but I’ll try to do so soon.

The best way to code this may be changing as more Linux distributions include the ‘udlfb’ driver.

Good sources of information about DL devices in general can be found at and at


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