Daily Archives:May 27th, 2009

A bit nebulous?

Not your average panorama – this beautiful image is from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day site. It’s the Carina Nebula, and you can click it to find out more.

Here’s another (rather different) beauty.

Water Music

I love swimming but have to admit that, when done as an exercise, it’s not always the most riveting occupation. So my latest gadget is an attempt to remedy that.


It’s an Aquapac case for an MP3 player, and when combined with an iPod and some waterproof headphones…

iPod in Aquapac

…it should allow me to listen to lectures from Cornell while ploughing up and down, thus enriching both body and mind. Prepare for some energetic and terribly erudite posts after the weekend!

(If you don’t notice any change, I probably listened to Britney Spears instead.)

Climbing the world’s tallest trees

Most of us love climbing trees when we’re young, and I was no exception. How come I never realised one could do it as a job?

There’s an excellent TED talk by Richard Preston which will change the way you think of trees, or the way your kids think of them, in about 20 mins…

You can subscribe to the TED talks on iTunes if you want a really easy way to get them…

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