Water Music

I love swimming but have to admit that, when done as an exercise, it’s not always the most riveting occupation. So my latest gadget is an attempt to remedy that.


It’s an Aquapac case for an MP3 player, and when combined with an iPod and some waterproof headphones…

iPod in Aquapac

…it should allow me to listen to lectures from Cornell while ploughing up and down, thus enriching both body and mind. Prepare for some energetic and terribly erudite posts after the weekend!

(If you don’t notice any change, I probably listened to Britney Spears instead.)

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Interesting! (and long time no see, by the way)
But yours it’s an iPod touch: how does the touchscreen work with the pack? do you just set it playing until you (or the battery) dry out of energy?


Hi Emanuel –

Yes, whatever the material is that they’ve used, the touchscreen works just fine. But the iPod’s batteries last much longer than mine do, anyway!

The pack comes with an armband too, BTW, though my swimming trunks have a pocket so I’ll probably just use that.


I’ve got one of these for my phone (E90). Works great for making calls and has a cool transparent back panel for the camera! Good product!

Well, I’ve now had a chance to try this, and it worked fine once I’d tucked the earphone cables into my goggle elastic to stop them from being pulled out by the water surging past my body 🙂

Unfortunately, though, I hadn’t realised just how loud the bubbles of my breathing are – it’s quite hard to hear anything over them, and the Cornell lectures were soon replaced with some lively jazz. Even then, though, these earphones didn’t stay in too well.

So I’d recommend this for floating in the pool on a lilo, of even swimming gently along on your back, but for fast front crawl it didn’t really work out…

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